Difference between buried borders and hooking borders

Hooking border.

It is composed of some lugs characterized by a hole. It must be placed on the edge of the flooring or where hard hooves are where we can anchor with dowels.

Buried border.

It is featured by stakes, which must be buried for their entire depth. Perfect for delimiting flowerbeds or elements within the green space

The connections between borders

At the extremities of the borders there are some holes where you can anchor, in order to align the different modules you need to use. You can use straight hooks or bent at 90 ° ones in case you have a corner to comply.

Accessories are ALWAYS included: bolts, hooks and connections.

We have different types of formats. If you do not find what satisfies your needs, just tell us how you wish yours could be.

You can choose between different models and create a customized one.

The encoded formats abovementioned are different, but if you have special needs do not hesitate to contact us. We will certainly find the perfect solution for you.

The standard type consists in elements of 3 meters with heights ranging from 70 mm to 250 mm. Do you need a shorter one? Do you need a longer one? A higher or a lower one? No problem, we can design you perfect solution together.


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